chillout pool and resort map

Chillout Pool and Resort

chillout pool and resort mapNothing much can be found regarding Chillout pool and resort in Antipolo. But however much information we were able to gather regarding this elusive summer resort, we will offer to all our readers. To start off with, we visited Tayo Na Sa Antipolo website and we are lucky to find an unofficial location address of the said pool resort. Apart from that, there is nothing else online that you can find about this paradise. Continue reading

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine Tourist Spot

Our Lady of Peace and Good VoyageOne of the first nearby cities and provinces I have visited when I woke up one day I want to travel the Philippines is Antipolo City. Being near a good old friend’s home in Binangonan, I went up the mountains first time when we took a newly bought motorcycle – Yamaha STX. It was the first ever release and we took the baby out for what Pinoys call as break – in which later on turned into a thrill ride of my life. A break-in’s purpose is for the piston of the engine to be subjected to a continuous travel strain for better performance. Continue reading

Celestial Inn Resort

celestial inn resortAlthough basically from my understanding, inns are those places where people literally stay for the night and at times for weeks in reason for traveling to a foreign place or those far away from home. Usually the little version of hotels, inns are comfy yet cheap and usually comes for the back packers but today, there seem to be something different about this Antipolo resort for the reason that the title says it all.

Took time to search for more information regarding Celestial Inn Resort but found nothing except a few reviews and accommodation options for stay in people. This resort doesn’t even seem to have its own website and cannot be found online although there may be chances that the domain has already expired and the owners might not have opted to renew it anymore for lack of return on investment. Continue reading

Antipolo Resorts Video – Finally Revived Nature’s Best Wave Pool and Gigantic Slide

wave-pool resort
Wave Pool Picture

We all know it’s summer time once again and it’s 2014 so if you are looking forward to find the best resort in paradise of your dreams, come to Antipolo, Rizal. Where the city overlooks the whole city of Manila in night time bright lights. Antipolo is the sky scraper that we’ve all be looking forward to visit during hot summer nights for a night swimming probably in some private or public swimming pool res0rt. Continue reading

Cattleya Resort

cattleya resortThe official website boasts of being just 30 minutes away from the maddening crown in Metro Manila, Cattleya Resort is definitely a venue to check out in Antipolo. The paradise resort offers both day tour and night tour as well and customers can choose in indulging with a choice of venue for events like birthday, wedding reception, family or friend reunion, corporate and team building activities, debut and more. (full photo credits to

Resort Amenities

They have exclusive offers from private pools and villas for rent to exclusive accommodation for groups of people and families as well as well as for those who would like to simply take a plunge and swim in an overlooking venue. One can also enjoy taking time to dip in a seemingly infinity pool inside the farm resort. You can even make a fireplace light by your choice for overnight staying patrons. Cool cottage huts are open for day tour visitors to enjoy eating food and drinking spree. Continue reading